Bomba de Tiempo

La Bomba de Tiempo is a must see in Buenos Aires! The event takes place every Monday and it definitely helps you to start the week in a good mood ;)

Bomba de Tiempo is a band of percutionnists full of energy. During more than 2 hours they use their talent to make you dance, smile and have fun. They are able to use percutions to create very different styles of music. One minute you feel like you're dancing at the carnaval of Rio de Janeiro. The following minute you're dancing on rock rhythm and you barely felt the transition between the two! There is often a guest who comes and join this talentuous team. Yesterday, for example, Ariel Rot and his guitar fired up the crowd!


The event takes place every monday at Konex in the área of Almagro
Cost : 70$
More info on the official website