Great walks in Buenos Aires

Tested and approved by V&S hostel team : the free walking tour!

Do you like to walk? Would you like to discover Buenos Aires with a local Porteño? If so, you'll love the guided tour offered by City Walkers.

There's nothing more convincing than a local inhabitant who speaks passionately about his city. This morning, Delfina took us from the Obelisco to the Café Tortoni offering us two hours of anecdotes. And that's what we call a lively tour!

Next to the famous Obelisco, have you ever noticed the little house located right on the top of a standard building? If not, this is exactly the kind of stories that is not written in tourist books but are funny to discover during walking tours. From Corrientes Avenue and its theaters to the commemorative slabs in Reconquista Street, including funny stories about San Martin's mausoleum in the Cathedral, you will discover the city from another point of view.

The tours work on a tips-only basis which guarantee a true commitment from the guide. If you enjoyed the visit (and you will!), then you are invited to give a tip to the person who entertained you during almost 3 hours (!)


The tour starts at 11am from Monday to Saturday
The meeting point is at the Obelisco : find the orange umbrela!