Meet our lovely children's story books writter Marie-Christine

Have you met Marie-Christine in the hostel lately? I am talking about the smiling lady with the French accent ;)

After a short talk with Marie-Christine, I discovered that she is currently writting a story for children. What an interesting lady coming from abroad! Born in Perpignan and willing to live in Chile, Marie-Christine has run many projects in America, Europe and Africa. She could become an inspiration for many young people!

If you've met her in the hostel she's probably told you the story of 'i minuscule', this little cute character made from a letter. Her book is available in French and is currently being translated in Spanish. The drawings are playful and modern, the written text is short and inventive.

Marie-Christine is a passionate lady with much inspiration in her mind. And we wish her luck for her trip to Chile!

More info on her
website in French. Find her children's book on Amazon!"